If you wish to participate in any of the ministries listed below, please contact Dcn Paul Reid by completing the Contact Form.

Liturgical Ministries

‘Liturgy’ and ‘minister’ originate from words that mean ‘to serve’. As liturgical ministers, you will be serving the parish, assisting the priest during mass and being models for fellow parishioners. Walking in Jesus’ footsteps by serving and giving thanks through worship and prayer. 

Altar Servers

Altar servers assist the priest during mass by actively participating in the celebration of the liturgy and setting an example to the congregation with appropriate reverence and worship.

Extraordinary Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers, minister the Body and Blood of Christ to the congregation during Holy Communion and put away the sacred vessels at the conclusion.


Lectors proclaim the Word of the Lord, sharing the Good News with the congregation as well as leading us in prayer.


Welcomers greet parishioners as they enter the church and hand out the weekly bulletins.

Offertory Collectors

Offertory Collectors collect the first and second collections and any special collections taken up during the mass.


Through music and song we give thanks to the Lord and praise God. If you are musically inclined or would like to help lead the congregation in song come along to Mundaring on Sundays at 8am and join a practice session.

Church/Linen Cleaning

Volunteers assist on a weekly basis to clean the church and altar linen.

Sanctuary Preparation and Altar Decoration

Volunteers prepare the sanctuary and altar for mass and decorate the church according to the liturgical season or feast day being celebrated.  

Hospitality Ministries

Monthly Cuppa - On the first weekend of every month after the Saturday evening Vigil and Sunday morning mass at Mundaring we host a Monthly Cuppa.  Parishioners bring along a plate to share over a cup of tea or coffee.  It is a chance to meet and catch up with fellow parishioners.  

Social Committee - As a means to encourage fellowship and build community the social committee organises small group get-togethers and outings to events, concerts and the theatre. Details of upcoming events appear in the weekly bulletin and the calendar of events.

Administration & Grounds Ministries

  • Works Committee
  • Gardening & Landscape
  • Finance Committee
  • Parish Pastoral Council

Peer & Pastoral Ministeries